C-Scan Technologies, Inc. is a full-service controlled environment testing company. We are "Clean Environment Specialists", performing testing of biosafety and laminar flow equipment, cleanrooms, viable sampling and medical gas testing.

C-Scan's core strengths and capabilities lie in the passion with which our people serve our clients. There is a genuine caring attitude we foster in serving our clients, in making sure they receive exactly what they need for each service.

Our esteemed client list includes research facilities, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and computer chip and medical device manufacturers.


C-Scan Technologies specializes in:

  • Testing/certification, repair and warranty work for all major manufacturers of biosafety equipment by NSF- and IAFCA-certified personnel.
  • NEBB certified Cleanroom certification.
  • SEFA and ASHRAE 110-1995 testing of Chemical Fume Hoods.
  • Room Ventilation and Pressurization tests and certification of Critical Care Areas (O.R. Suites and Patient Isolation rooms).
  • Indoor Air Quality testing: Airborne and surface microbial sampling and analysis of sick building syndrome.
  • Trace Gas Testing including Xylene, Acetic Acid, Nitrous Oxide and halogenated agents, Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde and other gases.
  • NITC-certified Medical Gas and Vacuum Pipe inspector and verifier.